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2023 - 2024

Se y Cálculo (Spring Term)

During our Spanish lessons, we have been exploring different activities in order to verbalise to others those that we we can/can't do and what we like/dislike doing. We have also been taking our Maths to the next level by using our prior knowledge of numbers, and using the four operations to answer calculations.

Los Colores (Summer Term)

We have been practising our colours by singing a very catchy tune. See if you can sing along!

Spanish Singing - YouTube

2022 - 2023

Salvador Dali (Summer Term)

The second half of the term, we researched the famous expressionist artist and created a fact-file about him. 


La Casa Tudor (Summer Term)

With our focus on Henry VIII for this term, we were able to extend our learning to another language. We looked into Henry VIII's six wives, describing their appearance and characteristics.

Desayuno en el Café (Spring Term)

We have been learning how to order different foods for breakfast. First, we created our own vocabulary flash cards to help with identifying food and drink. We then created our own breakfast menus for our café. 

¿Qué Tiempo Hace? (Autumn Term)

Following on from our learning of the four seasons, we have continued to look at the weather. We have been learning to ask and answer what the weather is.

Las Estaciones (Autumn Term)

We have been learning to identifying the four seasons and what happens within them.


2021 - 2022

Ricitos Oro y Los Tres Osos (Spring Term)


Our new unit in Spanish is focusing on the classic story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The children were able to identify key words from previous learning to help with sequencing the story.