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Certificate Winners 2023-2024

What a feeling! (27.06.24)

Diamonds! (21.06.24)

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (10.05.24)

It’s like that! (3.05.24)

There can be only one! (26.04.24)

Perseverance has been evident this week! (19.04.24)

So many certificates! (28.03.24)

That’s the way to do it! (15.03.24)

Lovely Jubbly! (8.03.24)

Wowza! (1.3.24)

WINNERS! (23.2.24)

Opa! (2.02.24)


Legends! (26.1.24)

This is how we role! (19.01.24)

First Certificates of 2024! (12.01.24)

Celebrations! (14.12.23)

Exceptional (8.12.23)

That's how we do it! (1.12.23)

Wonderkids! (24.11.23)

Majestic Performance! (17.11.23)

Leading the Way (10.11.23)

What a feeling! (13.10.23)

And that's how you do it! (6.10.23)

Double trouble! (30.09.23)

R-E-S-P-E-C-T Find out what it means to me! (22.09.23)

First certificate of the year and it's for one of our values - perseverance! (15.09.23)

Certificate Winners 2022 - 2023

Our final certificate winners of the academic year! (14.07.23)

Let's put our hands together for our winners! (22.06.23)

Brilliant work this week! (16.06.23)

Top job! (9.06.23)

Boom... that's how it done! (26.05.23)

You can't stop these young super stars!! (19.05.23)

The certificates just keep on coming! (28.04.23)

They did WHAT!? (21.04.23)

Back of the net! (24.03.23)

Reaching for the stars! (10.03.23)

Well done to our winners! (9.02.23)

Smashing it this week (27.1.23)

What a week! (9.01.23)

Starting the year right! (WB 6.01.23)

A job well done! (25.11.22)

Drum roll.......... (WB 16.11.22)

Super Stars!!

Bravo! WB 31.10.22

They're simply the Best!! WB 17.10.22

And the winners are... (26.09.22)

Wonderful effort from our winners this week. Well done>

They have done it! (19.09.22)

Fantastic work everyone!

The certificates keep on coming... (WB 12.09.22)

Congratulations for all our winners this week.

Our first winners of the new academic year... (WB 5.09.22)

Well done to you all a fantastic start to the year.

Certificate Winners 2021-22

Let's hear it for our winners.... (8.07.22)

We have finally have another Word Millionaire Club member in our class!

Bravo! (17.06.22)

Well deserved to each of you. Well done.

Super Stars! (20.05.22)

Well done to all.

WOW! (13.05.22)

A week for us all to be proud of.

Thumbs Up! (WB 25.4.22)


Simply the Best!

Congrats to our winners this week.

Amazing Achievers! (18.03.22)

Huge well done to our winners this week.

Breath-taking Brilliance! (11.03.22)

Setting the standard by our excellent winners this week.

Wicked Winners! (11.02.22)

Outstanding effort from all in class this week but particularly these lovely lot.

Fabulous Champions! (4.02.22)

All well and truly deserved.

Wonderful Winners (28.01.22)


Well done to each of you. Extremely deserved.

(21.01.22) Our Fantastic Winners this week are....

Congratulations! A reward for all your hard work in school.

Certificate Winners WB 10.01.22!

Congratulations to all our certificate winners this week.

First Certificate Winners of 2022!