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Block Coding - Micro:bits - Stopwatch

Today we had one of our own leading the lesson on some new tech in school - Micro:bits. We used block coding to programme our micro:bits to function as a stopwatches. Once the 'A' button is pressed it starts flicking between two LED images to indicate it is counting in seconds and when button 'B' is pressed it will stop and show the LED at the start. We then programmed the micro:bit to display the seconds once the gold micro:bit logo is touched.

He is pretty good...


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Putting our Micro:bit stopwatches to the test!

We then took our micro:bits programmed to be stopwatches and recorded how long our paper boats would take to go from one side of 'Lake Godfrey' to the other using wind power (our breath). We explored and discussed the forces acting on the boats - air and water resistance. We tried to make boats which would decrease air and water resistance but still be able to harness the power of the wind.


Still image for this video