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Spring 2022-2023


Athletics and fundemental skills (Summer Term)

During the summer term, we have been practicing our controlled throwing skills, catching, aiming along with exploring javilins, squeelers and hurdles. The children have practiced and improved their agility, navigating around obstacles in a controlled manner. 

Sports Festival At Taunton Academy  (27.04.22)

Today we walked over to the academy to participate within a multi-skills festival. The children got involved in relays, golf, catching games, balancing activities, ball skills and much more. They loved getting to try out lots of different activities, showing their coordination and working as a team. 

Gymnastics (24.11.21)

We have been working on flight and rotation in our Gymnastics lessons. Today we explored how we could us our body to help us take flight, jumping over, around and through obstacles. We also explored rotation, seeing how we could move over or around objects safely. We loved using the climbing frame and apparatus to help us discover this.