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Los Juegos Olímpicos. (Spring term)

We have started our Spanish learning this term where we are focusing on the Ancient Olympics. 

We used this first lesson to cover the history of the ancient Olympic games. We read passages of text in Spanish.  We were taught that there are many things we can do with longer text to help us understand what is being said - using a dictionary is not always necessary! 


We were taught to look for cognates first and then the context of the language to help us with gist meaning. We also look for verbs, adjectives and nouns to help the us unravel sentences. We learnt not to fear longer text and instead show us how much we know - not focus on how much we may not know. 


To check if the facts on olympics had retained in our heads we took part in a true and false quiz.

Spanish Verbs - Regular/ Irregular (Autumn)

This term we have been learning regular and irregular Spanish verbs. In the photos below, you can see us trying to match the correct irregular verbs with it's personal pronoun which we know changes the verb in Spanish.