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Making New Plants - Cloning

We have begun an experiment to clone different plants through cuttings from their parent plant. Over the coming weeks we will make observational drawings so show their progress.

Is there a link between the mass and weight of an object?

This week the class have been investigating if there is a link between the mass (the amount of matter in an object measured in g/kg) and weight (the strength of gravity pulling on an abject measured in Newtons). The children found out that for every 100g of mass an object pulls 1 Newton - roughly.

Sir Issac Newton!

Children have been exploring and understanding the life of Sir Issac Newton. They have various activities to ensure that knowledge was retained by: first, writing a biography in Sir Issac which had exactly 100 words and then writing a 50 word saga or poem on the great man. They are looking forward to investigating force over the coming weeks.

Magnetic Poles: Do they attract or repel?

We have been exploring magnets this term and today's lesson involved the understanding of the parts of magnets (poles) - they attract or repel one another? We discussed the earth is a giant magnet and that, unrestricted, all magnets will point north. Therefore, we made our own compasses to locate letters to spell out a word. Can you work out what it is?