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School Council Open Door Spring Clean appeal

A huge thank you to all of you who have kindly donated items to help the charity when they are setting up people in their own homes. Your generosity is very much appreciated.


Please remember the last day for donations is the 22nd February. Anything that arrives after that date won’t be able to be accepted as the charity are collecting on the afternoon of the 22nd, in our assembly.

School Council Open Door gift bags

Wow! We are so grateful for all the very generous donations we have received; we have been able to make up 21 gift bags which will be given out on Christmas Day to those who the Open Door charity helps.

A very big thank you from the School Council.

Open Door Christmas Appeal



Just a quick reminder of the letter sent last week, asking for donations for the School Council’s charity appeal to provide Christmas gift bags for the people who use the Open Door charity in Taunton.


With the weather being so cold of late, it would be lovely if we could spread a bit of festive cheer to help those less fortunate than ourselves.


Here’s a reminder of the things we would be grateful to receive. Boxes are available outside of the classrooms for any donations. Please could we ask that they are in no later than Friday 9th December so that the Christmas gift bags can be put together by the School Council.


Thank you.


ClassItems to donate
1Puzzle books, word searches, Sudoku books, crossword books, playing cards, mindfulness colouring books, pencil crayons, felt tip pens.
2Sweets, chocolate.
3Hats and gloves.
4Warm socks and scarves.
5Toiletries such as: shampoo, conditioner, soap, shower gel, deodorant (men and women), body spray (men and women), toothpaste, toothbrush, disposable razors (men and women), shaving gel, lip balm, hairbrush, comb.


Open Door

We received a lovely letter from Open Door after our Harvest Service, they were very grateful indeed for our contributions to their vital work.


Here is a copy of the letter they sent.



School Council’s chosen charity – Open Door

We were very lucky to have a visit from staff from Open Door, the School Council’s chosen charity, to explain what work the charity does and who it supports.  Mark from Open Door explained how we are the first school who have ever selected to support them as their chosen charity for the year – he was thrilled!


We learnt that there are lots of people who don’t have their own home and sleep rough or are in emergency accommodation in the Taunton area. These people need lots of help to be able to stay safe and healthy and the charity helps people such as these by providing food, hot drinks, showers and things to keep them warm.


They showed us the kinds of things they need to be able help homeless people and how we can help them to provide this vital aid.


Here are some photos of our assembly.


At the start of the school year, each class had to vote on who they wished to elect for the school council. Two members from from each class were elected. Since then the school council has met every two weeks. They have decided to support Taunton Open Door this year. Well done to each class for voting in the election!