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Composing in Ternary Form  (Spring 2)


In music this half term, Class 5 are learning about composing in ternary form.   Ternary form follows the structure of 'ABA', which means the start and the ending are similar with the different section in the middle.  Ternary form is a very satisfying musical shape that has been used across genres for centuries.


Class 5 have interpreted the musical piece 'Empress of the Pagodas' (or Laideronette) by French composer Maurice Ravel, which describes the simple story of the a little girl walking through a Japanese forest.  In this piece of music, Ravel only used the traditional pentatonic scale (all the black notes on a piano keyboard).


Using 5 notes on the xylophones, Class 5 have created the 'A' piece of the ternary form.  Each group had been given  two 'ingredients' to compose their section.  The first ingredient was to create a 'spiky' tune to show happiness.  The second ingredient was to mimic the girl's footsteps.  Have a listen to the piece below and see if you can hear the difference between the two ingredients.

Kisne Banaaya (Spring)

In music this term, the children have started to learn the traditional Indian song Kisne Banaaya.


In this lesson we started to learn the melody, by playing a virtual piano. During the lesson, we have managed to play the first line of the song. I have suggested to the children that they practise at home, if they have a tablet or touch screen computer (or a keyboard or piano), ready for next week.


The online piano that we used in class can be found following this link:



Twelve Days of Christmas (Autumn)

We enjoyed personalising and modernising the carol - Twelve Days of Christmas. Take a listen.

Modern Twelve Days of Christmas

Uploaded by Cheddon Fitzpaine School on 2024-01-02.

Ukulele (Autumn)

We have been very lucky to have an expert come in each week this term and teach us how to play various chords on the Ukulele. We have been practising our skills and here is our final performance of Jingle Bells.

Jingle Bells

Still image for this video


KS2 Production of Time Lord (12.07.23)

Follow the link below to find photos of our summer production of the Time Lord.

Shotgun - George Ezra - Ukulele 


The Pirates of the Curry Bean!

Well done to classes 3, 4 and 5 for a wonderful production of The Pirates of the Curry Bean. Audiences were very impressed and amazed how you all managed with so many props. Many laughs were had and plenty of butterflies were overcome. Check some photos from their performances.

Boomwhacker Fun!

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (18.02.2022)


This half term in Class 5 we we have been learning how to rap.  We have also composed musical interludes using xylophones and recorders.  Here is our finished piece.  We hope you like it as we had great fun learning it and performing!