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Religious Education

At Cheddon Fitzpaine Church School, RE is underpinned with three elements which run through all our learnings. Our Chrisitianity units build on children's prior learning and aim to make snese of the text, understand the impact and make connections through core Chritisian concepts, which tell the 'salvation narrative' (big story) of the Bible. Our Understanding Christianity resource is designed to support and develop children's undertsanding of Chrsitianity, as a contribution to their understanding of the world and their own experience within it. 


Our RE curriculum is supplemented with wider world views and other world religions to allow for a deepening level of understanding and tolerance of one another. 


Our RE curriculum intent:

  • To ensure that pupils have a deep-rooted understanding of Chrisitianity, which reflects our school's Chrisitian distinctiveness.
  • To ensure that children develop respect for themselves and others within their local area, within Britain and the wider world.
  • Children consider how their believes and values impact their lives. 
  • To ensure that children build on their knowledge of Chrisitianity and wider world religions, all classes will review previous learning, discussing where their learning fits in with the bigger picture. 

RE Knowledge and Skills Progression