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Where we all belong, believe in ourselves and others, and build for our future.

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Curriculum Overview

Our School’s Curriculum Intent Statement

Our school has designed its curriculum intent statement to reflect our vision and values alongside the curriculum intent of our Trust.  Our statement of, ‘Belong, Believe and Build links to our three key values of respect, trust and perseverance, underpinned by the biblical statement,’Love your neighbour as you love yourself.’ Mark 12 verse 31’


At Cheddon Fitzpaine Church School, we endeavour to ‘love your neighbour as you love yourself’  by promoting children’s personal, unique identity as they belong to the school and wider community, nurturing belief in themselves and others and building their knowledge, understanding and experience of the world around them.


Belong: Belonging as unique individuals within a community led by Christian values.


Believe: Believing in our aspirations, dreams and goals


Build: Building respect, trust and perseverance.


Our Shared Trust Curriculum Intent Statement


The Bath and Wells Multi Academy Trust approach to the curriculum is to support and enable all our schools to provide a curriculum that:


  • Is tailored to meet the needs of the school, its context and its pupils
  • Is rooted in the unique context of each school, drawing on its culture, heritage and community
  • Provides experience of and connections to the world beyond the school in both time and place
  • Provides a broad range of creative learning experiences to develop children’s moral, spiritual, social, mental, physical and cultural understanding
  • Provides opportunities for pupils to understand and develop our five core Christian values – kindness, respect, perseverance, forgiveness, love
  • Is ambitious for all pupils
  • Recognises, celebrates and welcomes each pupil as a unique individual
  • Secures pupils’ core skills, knowledge and understanding to at least an age appropriate level and beyond, and is adapted, designed and developed for pupils with learning needs or disabilities
  • Provides both coverage of the National Curriculum and appropriate progression from EYFS to Y6 and beyond
  • Provides enrichment opportunities to broaden and enhance the curriculum experience for pupils
  • Is flexible and responds to pupils’ feedback, the evaluations of how well pupils learn and make progress, and in pupils’ performance in external and internal assessments


Head teachers will be discussing and developing these Trust intent statements and exploring how these are implemented in each school and evaluating the impact this has on pupils’ learning.


All pupils in our Trust should:


  • Enjoy learning and understand the importance of this for their growth and development
  • Understand and apply Christian values that enhance the experience and development of themselves and others
  • Demonstrate positive behaviour that reflects the core Christian values of the Trust
  • Have a sense of belonging to their community
  • Be confident, ambitious, aspirational, self-evaluative, learners who are engaged, excited and empowered by their learning experiences
  • Have a sense of pride in who they are, where they live and the school they attend
  • Make a positive contribution to their community and wider society
  • Be well prepared for life in modern Britain
  • Achieve at least age-related expectations across the curriculum including in reading, writing and mathematics unless pupils’ disabilities or learning needs mean that this is not possible
  • Make good progress across the curriculum appropriate to their prior attainment
  • Experience equality of opportunity, addressing any gaps in their knowledge, skills and understanding, to diminish social disadvantage
  • Achieve well in external assessment against National benchmarks at the end of each key stage
  • Articulate their hopes and aspirations for their future


Curriculum Leaders


English: Mrs Amy Underwood (KS1) Mr Joseph Godfrey (KS2)

Maths: Mrs Paula Goodchild & Mrs Joanna Strawbridge (KS2)

Humanities: Mrs Paula Goodchild

Creative Arts: Mrs Emily Bottomley, Mrs Steph Hill

Science: Mrs Joanna Strawbridge

Computing: Mr Joseph Godfrey

D&T: Mr Joseph Godfrey

RE: Mrs Amy Underwood

PSHE:Mrs Emily Bottomley, Mrs Steph Hill

PE: Mrs Cheryl Gerrard

MFL: Mrs Cheryl Gerrard

Pupil Premium: Mrs Joanna Strawbridge

Assessment : Mrs Paula Goodchild


Religious Education and Collective Worship


Religious Education in our school is in accordance with the locally agreed syllabus and reflects the teaching of the Church of England.  Through the teaching of religious education we aim to promote the spiritual and moral development of the children, at the same time seeking to ensure that it promotes respect, understanding and tolerance for those who adhere to different faiths.  A parent does have the right to withdraw their child from religious education if so wished.

In order to comply with the 1988 Education Reform Act each school is required to ensure that all pupils take part in daily collective worship.  Nothing in the Education Reform Act affects parents’ rights, as established in the 1944 Act.  Any parent does have the right to withdraw their child from collective worship if they wish.