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2023 - 2024

Thank you Ancient Greeks! (Spring Term)

It appears there is an awful lot we need to thank the Ancient Greeks for. We have found the exploration of inventions fascinating for example, the first vending machine was invented by Hero of Alexandria (a Greek Mathematician). The children enjoyed researching the inventions and seeing what is still used today. We have delved into Greek mythology, looking at the different gods and goddesses and how they are linked to well known brands, such as Nike and Hermes, and explored the different views regarding the Solar System - linking to our Science topic. Finally, we have gained a better understanding of how our country is run through democracy. So, we have a lot to thank the Ancient Greeks for.  

Greek Day (Spring)

To launch our topic (Why should we thank the Ancient Greeks?) we have had a day full of activities all about the Greeks. We have completed some maths challenges themed around the Greeks; Greek flag bunting; mindfulness colouring of Greek vases; traditional Greek dancing (Hasapiko); mini Olympics games and Greek food tasting. Have a look at us enjoying the day!

Class 4 and 5's Ancient Egyptian Exhibition at Somerset Museum (Autumn Term)

Please click on the link below to see the amazing Ancient Egyptian learning from Class 4 and 5 exhibited in Somerset Museum. We had a range of wonderful comments from visitors who wrote in the Visitor Book.


'Absolutely amazing, well done to you all. So informative and colourful. A very interesting and beautiful display by talented children, driven by talented teachers.'

'What a wonderful exhibit. Lots of interesting information which obviously took lots of hard work.'

'What wonderful portraits and hieroglyphs.'

'Very well done to Class 4 and 5, we've learnt a lot from today.'

Shaduf Construction (Autumn Term)

Click on the link below to see our wonderful 'shadufs' we constructed in Forest School.

2022 - 2023

Creating a Menu Fit for a King (Summer Term)


Viking Longboats (Spring Term)

Within our Vikings topic, we have been studying Longboats. We have looked at the reasons for building them and the materials used for constructing in order to build our own.


Programming a Spirit Level (Spring Term)

We have been using code to create a spirit level using microbits. Click below to find out more!


Bronze to the Iron Age - What Changed? (Autumn Term)

To complete our wider curriculum focus, we visited Somerset Museum for an Iron Age workshop. The children wowed the staff leader with their knowledge. The activities included: learning about the production of glass beads that were infamous in Somerset, making wool using iron combs and spindles, creating coins with a pattern stamped on them and exploring the artefacts in the Museum. 

2021  - 2022

World War 2 Theatre Workshop (Summer Term)

Class 4 and 5 had the privilege of taking part in the Theatre Workshop, where they were transported back to  September 1939. Through drama, they were able to gain a further understanding of what life was like during World War 2. We had a meeting with the local warden to talk about the Blackout process, practised what to do when the air raid siren sounds, looked at rationing, gas masks and evacuation. The children thoroughly enjoyed their experience today.  

Roman Trade (Spring Term)

We have been focusing our learning on Trade, understanding what trade is and how it started in Roman times. We have identified how and why goods are imported and exported. We then looked at what was traded in Roman times and where trade happened, using atlases to identify the modern names for cities.