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Design & Technology

2023 - 2024

Catapult Testing


This term, we are applying our knowledge about the Roman Army to create our very own catapult. We have started by researching catapults to find out what they are, how they are used and how they could be made. We then spent time focusing on a design, we discussed lengths of each componant carefully. Then we started getting to grips with tools, carefully sawing our measured pieces of wood. We had to compare each piece carefully to ensure our sides were equal. 

We followed a recipe to create gingerbread biscuits. We had to carefully weigh the ingredients, follow a method and work together as a team. 

Class 3 have completed their tunics.  We moved away from the hand sewing approach and worked with a sewing machine.  The children were supported to feed the fabric through the machine to stitch it together.


Class 3 worked together to begin their Stone Age tunics.  They had to measure the length of the tunic, cut off the extra and create a zig zag pattern at the bottom of the tunic.

2022 - 2023

Victorian rug making


We have started to build a Roman onager or catapult.  On Friday 19th November 21 we had to measure the wood into different lengths and cut it using a saw.

Completing our catapults 14.12.21

We have worked hard to complete our catapults.  We had to measure and cut some dowel and use a glue gun to secure it to our frame.  We then used drawing pins to attach the bottle top and the elastic bands.

Testing our catapults 14.12.21


Still image for this video
We tested our catapults outside on the playground. It was too wet to put them on the floor, so we held them instead.

Stone Age Tunics Friday 8th April 2022


Class 3 have designed and made their Stone Age tunics.  They selected the animal material they wanted to make they tunic out of and have sewn it onto the tunic.  To challenge and extend their learning they could sew two pieces and / or paint cave painting designs on the back.  The children have worked so hard on them.  They look great!

Cooking fruit or vegetable paella (rice with fruit or veg) 01.07.22


Linking to our Spanish topic of fruits and vegetables, for design & technology we decided to make a type of sweet or savory paella.  The children tasted a selection of different fruits and vegetables and were encouraged to try something new.  They all had the opportunity to develop the skill of holding a knife properly and cutting the fruits and vegetables.


" Trying the Paella at the end was the best!" Harry

"Cutting the food with a sharp knife was good." Grace

"Mixing it all together was fun." Logan

" Tasting new food was good, especially the pomegranate seeds." Tom

" I really liked the food." Taylor - Grace