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2023 - 2024

Latitude and Longitude Lines (Spring)

In geography this term, we have been looking into the invisible line around our planet. Today we looked at hour latitude and longitude lines are used to create coordinates to local places on a map. We had to find cities or counties by following latitude and longitude coordinates in degrees and then we had to create them when given a location. 

What makes a canal different to a river? (Autumn)

In geography today, we have been finding out what makes a canal a canal and how they are different to rivers which we looked into previously. We found out that canals are manmade waterways which tend to be narrow and shallow in straight lines. Due to the canals being flat, boats would need help getting up or down heights. Therefore, they used locks to act as a lift to get boats down or up an incline. Take a look at us drawing diagrams of locks to explain how they work. 

Features of a River (Autumn)

Linking with our history work looking at how important the River Nile was for Ancient Egyptian civilisation, we begun looking at waterways and started with looking at the features of a river. We illustrated a river and label key features. Take a look at Evelina's stunning presentation of that learning.


Sketching Maps! (20.07.23)

In geography this term, we have been using Ordnance Survey maps to locate and reference key features in the UK, including four-figure and eight-figure references and symbols commonly found on OS maps. As you can see from the photos, we have been focusing on a region of the UK (Cheddon) using digital maps (Google Maps). We had to plan a route from our school to the Tudor building in town (Cafe Nero) using google maps and its route planner feature. We had to sketch and label the planned route using symbols and keys to signify traffic points on that route.

Comparing UK, European and North American Countries (31.03.23)

In class today, we have been exploring and researching information to compare three countries: one from the UK; one from a country in Europe; and a county in North America. First, we all learnt which countries are in the UK, Europe and North America and we chose a country from each to compare.


Our research was to compare physical (features created by nature - mountains, grass plains etc) and human features (houses, roads, bridges etc). Once we has found out our information, we displayed them in a three way Venn diagram to show which countries had similar features and which were unique to that country.

Ordnance Maps

In class, we have been exploring ordnance maps. We started looking at 4 digit grid references and developed into 6 digit grid references. We were challenged to locate a point on a map when given a grid reference and then given a landmark to supply a grid reference. We will move this on to look at contours to work where in Cheddon Fitzpaine would be the best site for an Iron Age hill fort.


Locating Major Cities of the Uk and Counties of England

As part of our Second World War topic, we are exploring why cities were targeted by German Airforces and then using our map skills to locate them.


We then looked in the regions that make up England. Some names where new to us.


Roman Empire - Trade Routes

The class have been looking into the trades routes of the Roman Empire which spread from India/ China all the way to Britain. They have seen what goods/ services they traded with which countries and what those countries/ cities are known as today.