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2023 - 2024

2022 - 2023

Creating a Menu Fit For a King! (Summer Term)

Microbit Spirit Level (Spring Term)

We have been using our coding skills to create a spirit level with a microbit. Using Makecode Microbit, we were able to input an algorithm, recognising and debugging any errors, in order to programme a spirit level on a microbit. The spirit level would be used as part of our DT project where we had to design a longboat to a specific criteria (see DT here  

Safer Internet Day (Spring Term)

Today we have celebrated the variety of reasons for why the internet is an amazing tool. We discussed how we are able to identify different areas of web pages, to research using reliable sources, how we are able to communicate safely and even play games with others. We also looked at what happens when things go wrong and how we can ensure we stay safe by reporting any concerns and content. 

Getting used to Sat Nav! (Autumn Term)#

On our trip to the Museum, we investigated using virtual maps to record distance and routes. We had to ensure we were using correct spellings of places.

Science Research (Autumn Term)

We have been focussing on The Digestive System for our Science topic, this included: teeth, the food pyramid, the food chain, vitamins and minerals and of course, what happens to the food from the eating to pooping! The children were then set with the task of researching an area of their choice.


They had to recognise reliable web pages to use, ensuring the content was appropriate for their research, and create a powerpoint presentation. Their presentation included: inserting pictures and text and editing to ensure the sizing was appropriate for their audience. Once they edited their learning, using spell check, they shared their document with me ready for them to present to the class.



2021 - 2022

Creating Bar Charts (Spring Term)

Today, Class 4 have been using data recorded from their 'Magnet Strength' investigation (in Science) to create digital bar charts.  


States of Matter Presentation (Autumn Term)

Class 4 have been working on their computer skills by creating a Powerpoint Presentation on all the Science they have learnt from this term.