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2023 - 2024

Invisible Lines, Climate and Time (Spring Term)

We were able to link our learning this term with our Science topic on Earth and Space. We focussed on exploring Earth in more detail, identifying the 'Invisible Lines' (longitude, latitude, tropics and equator). Using co-ordinates and our knowledge of an eight-point compass, we could identify locations of places with more accuracy. This also helped us to explore different time zones. Our focus moved to the equator, developing our understanding of the affects the equator has on our climate. 

Rivers (Autumn Term)

Our geography lessons started locally, learning about two of our important waterways (Bridgwater and Taunton Canal and River Tone). We compared the construction and uses of both systems. We delved a bit deeper into rivers, by identifying the key features of rivers, such as tributary, oxbow, estuary, erosion and delta. Our focus turned to the River Nile, through our Ancient Egyptian topic, where we made comparisons with other well-known rivers around the world; finding out the lengths, origins and transportation. The River Tone is not as big as the River Nile! Finally, we transported ourselves back to Ancient Egypt to find out what life was like settling along the River Nile and the use of the widely available rock - limestone. Science (Limestone Research)

2022 - 2023

Route Planning (Summer Term)

Our learning started with understanding the symbols and reference numbers on Ordnance Survey maps. We sketched an area within our local community, using the symbols we had learnt. Building upon our prior knowledge from our Somerset Museum trip about Romans, where we looked at digital routes, we used Satellite Navigation to plan a route from our school to the Tudor building in town (Caffe Nero). 

Comparing a Region of North America and UK (Spring Term)

To start our comparison journey, we looked at the differences and similarities between North America and UK. Our ideas were collected in a Venn Diagram. It was very interesting to see the results. After a class vote, it was decided we would focus on the south-west of England and the south-west of North America. We ensured the facts we researched online were from trusted sources. 

How Did the Iron Age Transport Goods? (Autumn 2022)

We have been exploring the method of transport and routes that the Iron Age people would have taken in order to move goods around the United Kingdom. We focussed on Meare, where it was infamous for settlement and the production of glass beads. 

2021 - 2022

Aqueducts (Spring Term)

We have started our focus on Aqueducts ready to use for our DT project and English writing. We made comparisons between the Roman Aqueducts and Modern Aqueducts and why they are a necessity.