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2023 - 2024

Healthy Me (Spring Term)

Our Year 5s have had a great discussion today about 'respecting ourselves to maintain a healthy lifestyle.' They have been debating whether everything we see in the media is factual and how they can make good decisions about being mentally and physically healthy. Using their knowledge from Computing lessons, they came to the conclusions that not all information is reliable and therefore, could not be factual. They were aware that at times that people are trying to sell their products, but may not necessarily be factual in their advertising. 

Dreams and Goals (Spring Term)

Our unit for this half term is looking into our dreams and goals and how they can be achieved. We can identify the type of support we need to help achieve them and to understand resilience should our goals be a little trickier to achieve.


Celebrating Difference (Autumn Term)

As part of our Celebrating Difference unit, we have been understanding bullying and keeping safe. We had a discussion on a case study about a girl called Maya, who was being bullied due to jealousy. We identified the meaning of the word bullied and looked at how we could prevent it from happening. We also discussed emotions of all parties involved. 

Being Me (Autumn Term)

As part of our Being Me unit, we have been developing our understanding of UN Convention on the Rights of a Child. We had a group discussion about fairness with images and shared our ideas with other groups. We then looked at two articles from the UNCRC to identify what the rights meant and what our responsibility is within them.

2022 - 2023

Dreams and Goals (Spring Term)

Using the idea of our subject learning journeys, we created our own learning journey for our dream or goal. We started by discussing a variety of dreams and goals, including challenges we may face and how resilience can support overcoming those. We used our knowledge of the 'size of the problem' to understand when support may be required.



2021 - 2022

Celebrating Difference (Autumn Term)

Today, the children were looking at the question, 'Can money buy happiness?'

They looked at case studies of two children in Ghana with different backgrounds. The first was about a child who works on a Cocoa Plantation with their family and have to produce their own food. The second was about a child who is privately educated, but does not see his family often as they work away. The children had to rate what they felt was most important for the child in each scenario. They blew me away with their discussions about the important things in life. Our children believed that money cannot buy happiness!