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Parts of a Flower (29.04.22)

We have been recapping on our previous knowledge to find out what we already know about flowers. We used the dissection of real flowers to help us identify the parts they are made up of and the functions of those parts. 

Gravity (11.03.2022)

We are studying Forces this half term and have started by looking at Isaac Newton and his discovery of Gravity. We investigated the mass and weight of a variety of objects, using a Newton Metre, and found there was link between the mass(kg) and weight(N). 

Compass Creating and Following (28/01/2022)

Class 4 took to the playground for their Science today. They used their knowledge of magnetism to create a compass using a bowl of water, an 8-point compass image and a magnet. The children's task was to find a letter of the alphabet, that was situated in the playground, by using all 8-points of the compass correctly; they had to rearrange the letters to spell a word. The fastest time was 2minutes and 8 seconds!


Magnets Fishing! (21.01.22)

As part of our Science learning, we have been investigating magnetic forces. Today, we were told all about magnet fishing. Not only does this help to keep our rivers clear of some rubbish, but the items found are put out for recycling. Apparently, a shopping trolley has not yet been attracted to the magnet though. I wonder whether it has anything to do with the materials used. Your child will know.