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2023 - 2024

Earth and Space (Spring Term)

We have had great fun exploring our Solar System. Linking to our History topic, we have identified the differences and similarities or changes related to the views of Nicolaus Copernicus' Heliocentric and Ptolemy's Geocentric models of the Solar System. We have described the eight stages of the moon phase and rotation of Earth to explain (with a degree of trust in results) day and night, and the apparent movement of the sun across the sky. We then researched planets in further detail to write and present an information report.




Rocks: Limestone (Autumn Term)

Our unit started with using chocolate to identify different types of rocks. This helped us recap on our prior knowledge. From this, we decided to focus on limestone - as this was the main source of rock used to construct a variety of buildings including The Great Pyramid of Giza. We used our geographical knowledge of the River Nile to identify areas where formation of limestone could be found and why. Finally, we looked at other countries that source limestone for construction such as: USA - Empire State Building and Mexico - Chichen Itza.


Exploring Pitch (Autumn Term)

As part of our Sound focus for Science this term, we were excited to construct our own instruments that demonstrated low and high pitch. There were a range of ideas from the class; we had a group using different measures of water in plastic bottles, where they blew air into the neck of the bottle for the sound to be heard; a variety of drums with beaters being played in different areas; and we had a few ukuleles!


2022 -2023

Light and Shadows (Summer term)

This term, we have been exploring the phenomena that is 'Light'. After learning light only travels in straight lines, we explored how you could manipulate light for us to see an object that is not directly in front of us. We had a go at constructing periscopes using mirrors and understanding the angles required to help make objects visible to our eye. We moved on to exploring shadows and conducted an experiment to see what happens to the size of shadows if the light source is moved further away from the object. Using knowledge from their experiment, the children had to create shade for our 'wooden people', to keep safe from the sun. Finally, we explored light phenomena. Learning that there are seven colours and these are absorbed by objects the reflect or retract from. We also learnt how a one straw can appear to be cut into two sections in water!

Creating Circuits (Spring Term)

Our Science focus for this half term is Electricity. After learning the different components of circuits, we explored what components were needed for electricity to continuously flow and when it would be necessary to have a break in the circuit: what would be required for that to happen?

The Digestive System Research (Autumn Term)

We have been focussing on The Digestive System for our Science topic, this included: teeth, the food pyramid, the food chain, vitamins and minerals and of course, what happens to the food from the eating to pooping! The children were then set with the task of researching an area of their choice within their learning and creating a powerpoint presentation (see computing).

Is Water Sticky? (Autumn Term)

A budding scientist has been creating his own investigations at home to share with the class. He wanted to find out if water is sticky and conducted his own experiment:


'First, you need a jug, bottle (or glass), 30cm of string and water. You need to fill the jug halfway with water and hold the string with some of it in the water and some at the lip of the jug. Then, you need to put the other end of the string in the bottle or glass. Make sure the string between the two containers is pulled tight, with the jug slightly higher than the bottle. Very carefully, pour the water towards the string and watch what happens.'




Look after your teeth! (Autumn Term)

As part of our digestive system unit, we have been investigating substances that have an impact on our teeth. We used white hard boiled eggs and submerged them in a variety of liquids for a couple of days, then took to trying to brush away the stains and recording our findings. They all know how to look after their teeth!

2021 - 2022

Parts of a Flower (Summer Term)

We have been recapping on our previous knowledge to find out what we already know about flowers. We used the dissection of real flowers to help us identify the parts they are made up of and the functions of those parts. 

Gravity (Spring Term)

We are studying Forces this half term and have started by looking at Isaac Newton and his discovery of Gravity. We investigated the mass and weight of a variety of objects, using a Newton Metre, and found there was link between the mass(kg) and weight(N). 

Compass Creating and Following (Spring Term)

Class 4 took to the playground for their Science today. They used their knowledge of magnetism to create a compass using a bowl of water, an 8-point compass image and a magnet. The children's task was to find a letter of the alphabet, that was situated in the playground, by using all 8-points of the compass correctly; they had to rearrange the letters to spell a word. The fastest time was 2minutes and 8 seconds!


Magnets Fishing! (Spring Term)

As part of our Science learning, we have been investigating magnetic forces. Today, we were told all about magnet fishing. Not only does this help to keep our rivers clear of some rubbish, but the items found are put out for recycling. Apparently, a shopping trolley has not yet been attracted to the magnet though. I wonder whether it has anything to do with the materials used. Your child will know.