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Design & Technology


Our finished moving pictures! The children designed their picture first and could choose to use either a lever or a slider for the moving part.

This term, the children will be investigating and then creating moving pictures. Last week, the children spent some time looking at books with moving parts to try and work out how the moving part was made. The children really enjoyed sharing the books together.

On Thursday the children began their DT sewing project. They started by learning how to thread a needle and tie a knot in the end. They then all practiced sewing using a running stitch which took lots of concentration and patience! 


Hot Air Balloon Evaluations

Today we tested out our hot air balloons. We were very releived when we popped the balloons taht all our paper mache layers stayed in shape, making it much more straight forward to attached our baskets. 

We wrote up our evaluations showing how we tested our hot air balloons. Next, we will work on our improvements to see if we can make them even better. We all showed great perserverance and team skills. 

Hot Air Balloons (19.01.23)

Over the last two weeks, we have been busy learning about the Montgolfier Brother's who invented the hot air balloon in 1783. We have looked into the design and the history behind the balloons. This week, we have started creating our hot air balloons. The children have planned to create the envelope of the balloon first, then add the skirt and wind guard before looking at the basket. 

They have all shown great team work, perservance and observational skills so far. We can't wait to see how their creation unfold. 

Using Tools (12.10.23)

Today, we practiced using hacksaws and drills safely in preparation to start joining materials together for our carnival cart. Great perseverance shown by all!


Preparing and making a product (08.7.22)

Today, we put our knowledge about vegetables to the test. We research soup recipes through the ages and create a soup based on our favourite vegetables. Previously, we compared and tasted soups which gave us an idea as to what we'd like our soup to taste like. We thought about texture to. 

We carefully prepared, peeled and chopped our vegetables, before boiling and combing them to make a thick soup. Some of us wanted lumpy soups, whereas some of us wanted creamy soups. 

Sewing (6.5.22)

What a fabulous end of unit product! Class two have worked so hard in creating a nurses hat. They used inspirationg from uniforms brought in by Florence Nightingale and explored how uniforms have developed over time. Every child used their mathmatical skills to measure the material, fold it and then apply their newly learnt running stitch to join the material together. They then had the task of checking their measuring accuracy to ensure it fit their own heads. The children loved showing of their DT skills to the rest of the school. 

Sewing 16.02.22

This afternoon children have continued to work on their sewing skills. They are working on their running stitch and learning how to debug any errors. Lots of hard work, perserverance and concentration seen by all. You can see the progress from our first try by comparing the coloured thread. 


This term children have been working really hard in our topic about have toys have changed over time. Over the last few weeks they have designed, plan and are now creating their very own jack in the boxes. The children have used their knowledge from science to select appropriate materials to make each aspect of their toy. They have worked hard to make levers and springs to make sure their toys move and stand. They have also developed fine motor skills using scissors and joining technics with greater accuracy, 

Making Our Moving Toys