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Where we all belong, believe in ourselves and others, and build for our future.

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Here at Cheddon we share a whole-school commitment to listening to the views, wishes and experiences of all children and young people. This means we place great value on what children and young people tell school staff about their experiences.

How Does Our School Vision and Values Impact You?

"Our vision and values help us be welcoming to others."

Chase Year 6 

"They make you keep the school a safe place for everyone."

Logan Year 4 

"It helps us stay humble and respectful." 

Ben Year 4

"They teach you how to show respect, make good friendships and how to try your best."

Jack Year 6 

"They show us how Jesus wants people to live."

Luis Year R


How Do The Adults Help You to Flourish?

"By respecting each other and all of us. Showing us that they care and supporting us all the time." 

Chase Year 6 

"Helping to make sure we are all included and being positive role models. They helped me to believe in myself to become a  member of the school council. I can now help others to succeed too."

Ruby Year 4

"All the adults help us to flourish. They care and help, we're a family."

Henry Year 1



How does Cheddon's Collective Worship impact you?

"It teaches us about our values and gives us still time to reflect." 

Chase Y5

"It gives us time to prayer collectively, as we all belong as a community."

Sophie Y6

"It shows where we belong, believe and build. It helps us show our values every day and helps us be the best we can be."

Ruby Y4