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2023 - 2024

We have been applying our History learning about Roman soldiers into our art work. We research shields using artefacts and articles, before designing our own. We tried to make a shield that we could hold and hide behind so we could be protected in battle.

We have been researching cave paintings.  People in the Stone Age used cave paintings to communicate and tell stories.  The hand picture was used to tell people that someone lived there.  We explored using different media and learnt how charcoal was made.  Then we developed the idea of using different textures and completed our pictures on sandpaper.

We explored Stone Age construction and had a go at making our own versions of Stonehenge.

Class 3 kicked off their Stone Age topic by creating tools from soap.  We investigated ways of carving the soap and sculpted the tools slowly to create arrowheads and chopping rocks.


Mixing colours- We mixed colours using the primary colours and black and white. We have been learning about Lowry and he only used these five colours. We then used our new colours to paint a seascape.

2021 - 2022

Soap Carving 07.01.22


To kick off our Stone Age theme, we looked at Stone Age tools.  Using sculpting techniques with knives and clay tools we created hand axes out of soap.  We discussed cutting, scraping, smoothing and knapping.  Look at our results!

Art work inspired by James Mayhew


 James Mayhew, the author and illustrator of Once Upon a Tune, visited Cheddon Fitzpaine Church School. We were lucky enough to attend a workshop where he showed us the different techniques that he uses to draw his illustrations. We were so inspired by him that we decided to create our own illustrations based on a story in Once Upon a Tune- The Sorcerer's Apprentice. We first drew a draft in our sketchbooks. We tried the different techniques that James Mayhew had shown us. We then looked at each other's work and gave each other feedback which we then used to edit our illustrations for our final piece. For our final piece, we added The Sorcerer's Apprentice sheet music- just like James Mayhew did throughout Once Upon a Tune.