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Cheddon Learning Journeys


Pupils at Cheddon Fitzpaine Church School will have learnt all the required elements for the National Curriculum by the end of Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.


However, each year group will have a slightly different journey reaching these points, due to our school having five mixed aged classes.  There are six learning journey cycles that children can be on, depending on their starting point when joining Year 1.  These learning journeys are colour coded and all children know which coloured learning journey they are on.  These journeys support our knowledge rich curriculum in which teachers and pupils are aware of previously taught knowledge. They then use these as a tool to recap and assess prior knowledge and identify starting points for their new learning.


Teachers ensure that when covering the knowledge for each learning journey, age specific skills are taught for the year groups within their classes. 


All of our Learning Journeys can be found below.