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Autumn 2023

Picasso collage

The children created their own Picasso portrait collages by selecting the face shape, eyes, nose, mouth, ears and eyebrows they wanted to use and sticking them on their frame. The children enjoyed this activity!


This term, the children have been exploring Picasso and the art style of Cubism. They have been learning what the characteristics of this style are and practiced by painting animal pictures. The children tried hard to stay in the lines and to try and use different colours next to each other. 

Spring 2022-2023

Autumn 2022-2023

Brush Stroke Exploration 20.9.22

This afternoon we kicked started our artistic learning by explore brush strokes. We went outside a trialed different ways and different brushes to make strokes. We made lots of different stroke sizes, thickness and explored line formation. The children loved painting outside.