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On Monday during PSHE the children have been learning about how to stay healthy. The children created a poster about how to keep themselves safe by not taking medicine unless they are poorly.


Snow Day!


Class 2 and 3 had their break out on the field today, so they could enjoy the snow.  They were set the snowman challenge.  The children worked together developing cooperation, social and emotional skills in order to build a snowman. We also had a great time running around and exploring the snow.  This also led to some amazing science learning about changing state and how snow is formed. It was great to see  awe and wonder in the children.  When we came back into class we had a hot chocolate to warm us up again.  It's great to be flexible and follow the children's interests.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Day (9.02.23)

We retold the story of The Invisible String by Patrice Karst to help us explore feelings and emotions. The children were fantastic and recognise how love and care can be shown even when we are not with specific people. After our story, children drew their invisible string portraits and added the key people within their lives. They also created their own 'invisible' string decoration to act as a reminder that love is all around them.

Dreams and Goals (Spring)

This half term we will be exploring our dreams and goals. We will think about what we would like to improve and practice and break the skill down into small achievable steps. We will then work together to practice these skills. 



Loneliness (14/12/21)

This afternoon following on from Collective Worship, children explored the picture of a creature and a little girl. They considered how both characters were feeling and what might of happened that has resulted in the creature being up on the lamp. We explored this comment - "The creature with the bells tied on was sad, not scary, and the kind little girl was brave.” The children empathised, showing what they could do to support the creature. We talked about loneliness and kindness, showing how our actions and words can make a big difference to how others are feeling.