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Chocolate rock cycle- We learnt about the three types of rocks through the use of chocolate. It was lots of fun!

Rock propeties- Rock properties We carried out a series of tests on these rocks and then sorted them into which type of rocks they are. Durability - How hard or soft the rocks are by scratching them with different items Permeability– Did water will soak into the rocks by dropping a small amount of water onto the rocks. Density– Did they float or sink. Crystals - Using a magnifying glass, we looked to see if any crystals embedded in the rocks

On 5th November Class 3 started their Science theme on magnets and forces.  As we had not used the magnets before, we used an identifying enquiry approach to observe the magnets and explore what they do.  We discovered magnets have a North and South pole, a compass has a magnet in it, certain ends of a magnet will attract whilst others repel and that magnets only attract to certain metals.  We also discovered that a magnet will make a paper clip like magic.

We were extremely engaged in our learning and could discuss it with our peers afterwards.

Exploring Magnets 05.11.21

Observing soils 28.01.22


Class 3 have been observing different soils.  We looked at their texture and used our senses to explore how the soils felt and smelt.  At the end of session we investigated how much water the soil would absorb.  We wrote down our observations using scientific language.



How are shadows formed? 10.06.22


After a short session revisiting our prior materials learning about sources of light, Class 3 started their light topic by investigating how shadows are formed.  The sunshine was on our side today, so we went outside and drew around our shadows.  We discussed that our bodies were solid and opaque, so it blocks the light and stops it from travelling. We also discussed how light passes through transparent and translucent materials.   We predicted whether the shadows would move at different points in the day.  Checking on them later in the day, all children noticed that the shadows had moved.  We talked about whether it is the sun that moves or in fact,  it is the Earth that is rotating.  We noticed that the shadows move to the right in a clockwise direction and discussed how ancient civilisations used the sun to tell the time with a sundial.

Exploring Shadows 17.06.22


More learning about shadows today for class 3.  We made shadow puppets and explored how they blocked the light to form shadows.  We discussed how light travels in a straight line and opaque objects block the light.