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Design & Technology

2022 - 2023

Viking Longboat (Spring Term)

The children have enjoyed working on their DT project of creating a Viking Longboat. Set criteria was given: it had to be water tight, historically correct, level and materials fit for purpose. After looking at the range of materials, designs were created, evaluated and improved. Children learnt to safely use a range of tools such as: saws, hand drills, screwdrivers and glue guns. Once constructed, it was time to test! Using the microbit they had programmed as a spirit level (see computing, testing took place on water. We had some successes and some failures. However, through the evaluation process, they were able to recognise improvements and adjustments to their models.

Our Iron Age Village (Autumn)

We have had a rather muddy couple of sessions constructing our Iron Age village. Thank goodness for a large muddy puddle, where we were able to mix hay and leaves in to help create the walls of the roundhouses. The children had great fun looking like swamp monsters! 

Ideas for our Class Hill Fort (Autumn)

This term, we have been exploring the Iron Age with a particular focus on settlements. We have begun to think about how we are going to create our own class settlement; looking at the materials to use to construct out roundhouses.


2021 - 2022

Roman Inspired Aqueducts (Spring Term)

During this spring term, we were learning about Aqueducts. We had investigated the original ideas, as found by the Romans, and made comparisons with how our water is transported from the source to our taps at present. We then set out to design and build our own aqueducts, which took a lot of cardboard and strong tape! Our aqueducts were showcased within our 'Class Museum', where parents and carers were able to look at the children's hard work.

Chocolate Boxes (Autumn)

The children have been using their knowledge of nets (Maths) to create a box ready for their chocolates to sit in. Once they had decided whether they wanted to make a cube, cuboid, square-based pyramid or tetrahedron, they had to draw, cut it out and score all folds. They were then ready for the printing process.