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Spring 24

World Book Day

Pete the Poet!

Since half term, we have been re-looking at punctuation and grammar. The children have worked together on lots of tasks to accomplish this!

Woodland experience walk

For English today, we went over to the field to look for nouns and adjectives to use in our new English unit based on the book 'Little Red Reading Hood'. The children came up with some fantastic vocabulary that we are looking forward to using in our writing over the coming weeks.

Autumn 2023

Instruction Writing

In English, we have been looking at how to write Instructions. The children watched hot chocolate being made and wrote the instructions down in their book. We all got to have some yummy hot chocolate at breaktime as a reward for our hard work!


Before we began to recount our trip to the zoo, the children worked together to identify the features that they would need to use in their writing.

Spring 2022-2023

World Book Week 27.02 -->3.3.23

On Tuesday, Thomas Moore came to visit us from the secret slide. We showed off our speaking and listening skills by hearing and responding to his stories. We loved asking questions about his ideas and characters. It was really helpful finding out how he comes up with his imaginative ideas and more about his writing process. 

Following on from the secret slide, we decided were our magical slides will take us. We carefully shared out ideas with our partners, adding great description before describing what we imagined. 

On Friday - it was time to dress up! As a school we have explored etyomolgy, the meaning and orgin behind words. The children decided upon their word and came in dressed as it. They shared the meaning / origin and have used this within today's learning.

Everybody looked amazing! 

Recognising Syllables - 22.02.23

Today, we combined our oracy listening skills with our rhythmic music learning to help use hear and tap out syllables. The children worked together to create a rhyming line, before drumming out the syllables and checking each line made sense. 

Grandad's Island (11.11.23)

Today, we all acted out the scenes from Grandad's island. These images will help us retell and rewrite the story. Drama really helps us structure our sentences.


Narrative Diagnostic Task  07.03.22

Today the children showed us what they know. They worked in pairs to identify the key parts of a narrative which defeast a monster. The children currently identified the opening, build up, problem, resolution and ending. They reordered the sentences to create each paragraph, correctly finding and ensuring cohesion between key ideas. The children are looking forward to writing their own 'defeat the monster tale' using our model text 'Inside the Villian'. 

Check out our wonderful team work below. 

James Mayhew, Storytelling Through Art (1.3.22)

Today we had a magnificiant storytelling experience delivered by author and illustrator James Mayhew. He shared some of his beautiful picture books withs us and then performed a storytelling session 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice.' Afterwards, James played the accompanying music whilst painting. When the beat and rhythmn changed, his speed, direction and brush thickness changed. He told the story through his illustrations, ensuring the structure was followed and that he was in time with the music. The children were mesmerised. After our session, the children listened to the music and story again. Then they had a go themselves, after a few tries the children were really pleased with their storytelling through artwork. 


Sentence Structure (20/1/22)

Today, we have been exploring what makes a sentence. Children worked in pairs to identify the subjects and verbs within sentences. They then had to unscrambled a pile of subjects and verbs and determine whether they should be 1, 2 or 3 sentences. They know that sentences require doing or being verbs and must include at least one subjects. Children were given the challenge of adding adjectives, adverbs and co-ordinating conjunctions to extend and upskill their sentences. Here are some examples of the fabulous sentences they created. We used blue and green paper to help distinguish between verbs and subjects.