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Summer 24


Today the children practiced playing a steady beat using the boomwhackers. They then played along to Twinkle Twinkle Little star ensuring they were playing at the correct time and in time to the music.


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Class 2 have been practicing playing different percussion instruments to classical music. The children are playing along to Eine Kleine Nachtmusik. 


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Class 2's birdsong compositions.


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The children have been listening to Colonel Hathi's March from The Jungle Book and were practicing marching in time to a 4/4 beat.

Spring 2024

Come Dance With Me!

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Last lesson, the children have been using their body to find the beat. They had to copy various movements but to try to do so in time with the beat of the music!


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This week, the children listened to a piece of music called 'The Cat and the Mouse' performed on the piano. The children how to use their bodies to respond to the music like a pouncing cat or a scurrying mouse.


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In music today, the children listening to the piece of music called 'Cat Duet'. The children thought this was vey funny, especially when they had a go at recreating it! 


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Autumn 2023


As part of their music unit, the children have been learning about crotchets, quavers and rests. We spent an afternoon composing 4 beat rhythms in pairs and then performed them to the class. 

Whole class boomwhackers

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Autumn 2022-2023

Busy Busy Bethlehem (7.12.2022)

This half term, we have been busy practicing our singing, coordination and acting skills ready for our nativity performances. Click the link below to see our cast. 

Improvisation 12.09.22

Today, in music, we improvised with different musical instruments. We explored how we could play them to create a basic tune. 


Graphic Score 16.6.22

Today in music we explored how we could represent sounds through drawings. We all created our own versions and then we performed each one as a class. The children showed great rhythm amougst their musical beats. 

Imagination 19.05.22

As part of our imagination unit in music, children created some beautiful water coloured pictures based on how they music made them feel and what they imagined whilst the music was playing. This was their first exploration with water colours and a skill in which we are going to be developing within our art work. 

Boomwhacker Practice!

Children have been working really had in music with Mrs Bradley. They have been learning Chrisitmas songs and carols ready for our celebrations next week. Here is a little sneak peak!


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