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Who were more powerful? (01.07.2022)

The children were set a task to investigate whether the Allies or Axis were more powerful during World War II. They started by researching a variety of areas including: weapons, casualties, leaders and how the countries were involved. Once they had gathered as much information as they could, they created a powerpoint presentation, where they also included their own creation of music to be played within their presentation. I was blown away with their final piece, presenting it beautifully to the class. They used their knowledge of phonics to help decode and blend the trickier words - there were a few!

Young Writers - Good Luck! (25.03.22)

We have been very busy writing our stories for the Bonkers Monsters Creative Writing Competition. The children had to create a short story about a monster who was... bonkers, and had a 100 word limit to do so. We had monsters who were invisible, monsters who were saving the planet and a rags to riches tale. I was so impressed with their efforts, it isn't easy manipulating words within a story to make exactly 100! Their entries have been posted, fingers crossed to them all.

Click on the link to see further information on the competition.

Bonkers Monsters Competition