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2022 - 2023

Captain Redbeard Kicks Off Our 'World Book Day' Week (Spring Term)

Class 4 were delighted to have a visit from Thomas Moore, who is the author of 'The Secret Slide' series. After sharing his stories, Thomas gave the children activities to complete to support inspiration for reading and writing. The children were to think of where they would like to go back in history and show that period through an illustration. We had a fantastic range of periods: Romans, Anglo-Saxons, when Buckingham Palace was built, Leonardo Da Vinci painting the Mona Lisa and Pele's life. They also had to create a fictional character, which worked perfectly with our current English writing of a character description.

Accomplishing Apostrophes (Spring Term)

We have been focusing on accomplishing our apostrophes for omission and possession. Working in teams, we had to match the rules with sentences as well as correcting a text conversation between two famous singers!

Should Homework be Banned? (Autumn Term)

We have been focussing our writing on a creating a balanced argument using the question of whether homework should be banned. Interestingly, a resolution they came up with was to not ban it, but to limit homework set! 


2021 - 2022

Who were more powerful? (Summer Term)

The children were set a task to investigate whether the Allies or Axis were more powerful during World War II. They started by researching a variety of areas including: weapons, casualties, leaders and how the countries were involved. Once they had gathered as much information as they could, they created a powerpoint presentation, where they also included their own creation of music to be played within their presentation. I was blown away with their final piece, presenting it beautifully to the class. They used their knowledge of phonics to help decode and blend the trickier words - there were a few!

Young Writers - Good Luck! (Spring Term)

We have been very busy writing our stories for the Bonkers Monsters Creative Writing Competition. The children had to create a short story about a monster who was... bonkers, and had a 100 word limit to do so. We had monsters who were invisible, monsters who were saving the planet and a rags to riches tale. I was so impressed with their efforts, it isn't easy manipulating words within a story to make exactly 100! Their entries have been posted, fingers crossed to them all.

Click on the link to see further information on the competition.

Bonkers Monsters Competition