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Edvard Munch - The Scream

We have been having a go at replicating Edvard Munch's most famous artwork - The Scream. Through this activity we have been able to develop our awareness of composition, scale and proportion where Edvard has created depth in his painting.


We know, from our research, that Edvard Munch would choose oil paint or oil pastels to create his pieces. Therefore, we started practising blending oil pastels to create the same atmosphere and light effects that Edvard had created.


It was messy work, but we all loved having a go and can't wait to use these skills in our own creation very soon.


M.C. Escher Tessellations

Our first look into the live and work of Maurits Cornelis Escher. He is famous for using mathematics in his art work through tessellations. So we thought we could have a go using a repeated shape we each created.

James Mayhew Inspires! 

We were very lucky to welcome James Mayhew, author and illustrator of 'Once Upon a Tune', into our class for a truly inspirational workshop. James spoke about his life, his work with both illustrating and writing and gave a wonderful demonstration of painting to classical music from the book. 

The Swan of Tuonela with music by Jean Sibelius.

Still image for this video

We were all so inspired that the children had a go at the same process James goes through creating illustrations for his books. Children researched images, practised drawing images in their sketch books with different media and colour and then produced their artwork.