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Henry VIII's impact on the Church (18.05.23)

In class today, we have been looking into the impact King Henry VIII had in the church and why. We looked through texts and retrieved that he wanted to divorce his first wife, Catherine of Aragon, but the Pope refused to allow the annulment. Therefore, this convinced Henry to break away from the Catholic Church and create the Church of England.


With a little more research, the class was split in half. Half had to persuade the jury that King Henry creating the Church of England was a good thing and the other half persuading it was a negative thing. Children had to convince the judges to vote for their side using the persuasive skills they have learnt in English this term.

King Henry VIII - Timeline (5.05.23)

In history, we have find out when in British history the Tudors period fits, we researched the significant events of the Tudor period before and now we have been exploring the life of Henry VIII and the key events with in it. Children were tasked to order the event of his life into a Powerpoint presentation using the skills of Microsoft Powerpoint to add slides with a theme, insert pictures from reliable online sources, insert text and animate transitions from one slide to another. Take a look at some examples. 

Carymoor Viking Day (30.03.23)

Joined by class 4, we enjoyed a day at Carymoor Environmental Trust where we enjoyed a day being a viking. After our loud welcome, we were separated into three groups to participate in three different activities to immerse us in the viking experience: orienteering, answering questions to test our viking knowledge; making flour, using querns; and baking bread round an open fire sat in a replica roundhouse.

A very muddy day but one we all enjoyed massively and learnt something new.

Iron Age Workshop - Somerset Museum

We enjoyed a trip to Somerset Museum where we were able to take part in a workshop. We made jewellery, Iron Age coin rubbings as well as making our very own coin and trying on some clothes from that time period. We then got to explore the museum with a particular focus in the pre-history section. 


Bristol in the Blitz - M Shed Trip

We enjoyed at trip to Bristol M Shed where we were able to have a good look around the museum and see some of the amazing artifacts linked with Bristol's history. After that, we had a workshop linked to the lives of the people living in Bristol during the Second World War and got the opportunity to handle real and replica artifacts.

Second World War Theatre Workshop

We were blessed with a visit from the Theatre Workshop where we were able to meet characters from the Second World War and gather an understanding of what was like during those difficult times. 


The children then had a go at sharpening their own acting skills when given a scene to act out in smaller groups focusing on body language and facial expressions.


Enjoyed massively by all.

Roman Workshop @ Somerset Museum

We had a great day exploring Roman artefacts and exploring the Somerset Museum.