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Setting Description - Pan the Setting through paragraphs (Spring)

In our English lessons, we have been focusing on describing a setting using expanded noun phrases and  adding adverbials of place which allows us to pan the setting through our paragraphs without a character talking us through it. We were given a fictional horror setting - Bleakstone Manor. Take a look at some examples of our horror setting descriptions.

World Book Day 2024 Celebrations - Poetry 

We love World Book Day. This year we focused on poetry and we came dressed as characters from our chosen poem. We got to share our poems and hear other great examples of poetry before working in groups to create raps about our love of reading. 

World Book Day 2024 Celebrations - Pete the Poet Workshops

We were extremely lucky to be able to have Pete the Poet come into school today and work with us to create stories, raps and poems linking to equality and diversity. It was great fun dressing up and being a little silly. It was great fun! 

Rhyming poems - The Outsider (Spring)

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been working on writing our own rhyming poems. We focused on rhyming couplets which lead to including a rhyming scheme. We then challenged ourselves to include various poetic techniques such as similes, metaphor, personification or onomatopoeia. Some of us even tried to input a syllable pattern.


Our theme was inspired by The Outsider poem, so all our poems are building on our own experiences as being an outsider. Take a look.


World Book Day - Every Word Tells a Story!


In class 5, we have loved dressing up as words we have chosen and researching the origin and story behind that word. We have had camouflage, pigeon, pirate, football, tree, casual, banana, cup cake, popcorn, pyjamas, champion, positive, rich and much more.

West End in School Workshop - Bringing stories alive.


Today we were lucky to have a workshop with West End in School where, through dance, we brought books/ stories alive. Our class looked at the book Coraline by Neil Gaiman. We used mime and created freeze frames and moved like characters from the book. Check the video of our full performance. 

World Book Day - Author Visit - Thomas Moore! 28.02.23

We loved spending time with Thomas Moore this afternoon. He shared an unpublished story with us that only children in our school had heard and gave some excellent advise for writing our own stories. Thomas really advocated for making mistakes and that mistakes are part of the journey to creating a wonderful pieces of writing. We then went on to work with him in creating our very own fictional character and the process he would take to develop a character. 


Thank you Captain Redbeard!

Portal Narratives - Hill Fort Lane

Over the last few weeks, we have been developing our narratives which include a portal that our main character (Billy) travels back in time to the heart of Maiden Castle during the Iron Age. We have self and peer edited our work and chose how we would like to publish our stories. Please read on and enjoy.

Simple Rhyming Poems

We have been learning about simple rhyming poems and exploring the rhyming patterns AABB or ABAB. After unpicking the poem 'The Outsider', we had a go at creating our own rhyming poems using our choice of rhyming scheme about our School Playground. Take a listen.


Diagnostic Write - Instructions

Mr Godfrey wanted to see what we already knew when it comes to writing instructions so he asked us to write a set of instructions to make a cup of tea. Of course, we has a go at making one first.

Performing our short pattern poems...

Please watch the video below of our class sharing their final short pattern poems. Children have chosen to either write limericks, haiku, sonnet, acrostic or cinquain poems based on the given theme - water. 

Each have practised how to learn their poem by memory and perform it for an audience. Enjoy!

Short Pattern Poems - Water

Today we got out of the classroom to enjoy the weather and to help inspire our poetry. Mr Godfrey gave us the theme for our poem as 'water' linking to nature and our Roman topic (aqueducts).


Published poems to follow shortly.

Short Pattern Poems - Haiku

Today we have been exploring short pattern poems with a particular focus on Haikus. Haikus usually are based on a theme of nature so we went outside to engage our senses to build a huge word bank to write our poems. Any excuse to kick the shoes off and sit in the sun.

Immersed in nature.

Still image for this video

Narratives inspired by the Thieves of Ostia story where Flavia met Jonathan.

This term we are reading...

Our Deforestation Poems