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Where we all belong, believe in ourselves and others, and build for our future.

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Our broad, inspiring and ambitious curriculum is designed to develop confident, happy and curious individuals who flourish through perseverance and a love of learning. This reflects our vision of ‘where we all belong, believe in ourselves and others, and build for our future.’ 


At Cheddon Fitzpaine Church School, geography is taught through a variety of resources and focuses on locational and place knowledge, human and physical geography, geographical skills and mapping.  Where possible geography is linked to the 'big question' for the term.


Our Geography curriculum intent: 

  • To ensure that children have a deep-rooted understanding of their local area which is then broadened to understand their sense of place within the wider world.  Children revisit and systematically build on their locational knowledge year on year.  

  • Children have a clear understanding of human and physical features within geography and present their findings. 

  • Children are immersed in age-appropriate geographical vocabulary in all year groups to ensure that they have the subject-specific language skills required to communicate their understanding. 

  • Inspire children to be curious and take ownership of their own learning. 


Geography knowledge and skills progression