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Spring 2024

The children have been using their historical skills to work out how the Great Fire of London spread, using extracts from Samuel Pepys' diary. The children worked together to read them and then work out which part was significant to the question being asked.

The children have been really enjoying learning about The Great Fire of London in history. We have been investigating what London was like in 1666. The children were then able to make a paper house from 1666.

Autumn 2023

Medieval Banquets


In history this week, the children learnt about the types of food that King Richard III might have eaten during a medieval banquet. They compared the food eaten during this period of time with the food that we might eat now and saw how different it was. The children then got to smell all the ingredients for Pottage as I cooked it for them. After it was cooked, the children got to smell it again and decided it actually didn't look or smell that bad! The children then planned their own medieval banquet.

Time Lines

In history, we have been looking at Monarch's through the ages. We talked about how to order Monarch's by date and practiced this by putting some key Kings and Queens into a time line.

Spring 2022-2023

Fleet Air Arm Museum 02.03.2023

To support our history learning we took a trip to Yeovilton. The children continued exploring our main question ' How did the first flight change the world?' The saw and explored different navy aircrafts, and related their knowledge of materials to work out which plan was the oldest and suggest a possible timeline of aircrafts. They loved the oracy opporunties that arose - lots of questions were asked and they enjoyed faciliating their own learning to see whether they could find or suggest plausible answers.


It was lovely to hear comments from members of the public about the children's polietness, eagerness and behaviour. 

Guy Fawkes 21.09.22

This afternoon we were joined by Soutwest Heritage who delivered a brilliant and practical workshop all about Guy Fawkes. This helped us embed History learning from last week. 

Children learnt all about Guy Fawkes, and have begun seeking evidence to answer our big question 'Who Was Guy Fawkes'. We were very impressed with how many facts they could recall. 

Children all wrote using ink and quills, imitating the warning letter sent to Lord Monteagle to tell him to stay away from the House of Lords and Houses of Parliament. They also spotted descriptive features whilst playing a game of pass the explosive and create explosive fireworks using vinegar and bicbonate of soda. 


History Workshop 06/01/2022

Today, we welcomed Southwest Heritage in to kick start our History learning. We learned all about Florence Nightingal and Mary Seacole which will help up with this terms learning. We heard how  Florence and Mary were significant individuals from the past who are remembered for helping soldiers in and after the Crimean war. The children explored and compared the lives of both ladies using items from their suitcases. They were rather impressed that Mary Seacole made medicine out of herbs to help treat them. The children also role played as either nurses or soliders showing how Florence or Mary may have acted. We also discussed how hospital were very different and rather dirty places. The children were not impressed that soliders were given mouldy food to eat!