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2022 - 2023

Spring Term

On a Line

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Counter balance with a partner

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PE- Sending and receiving

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Creative skills- sending and receiving

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Football - ball skills

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Class 3 attended the athletics sports festival at Wellsprings Leisure Centre on Wednesday, organised by SASP and Taunton Academy.  The children experienced running, jumping, hopping, skipping and throwing activities throughout the morning.  The wet and sometimes snowy walk was worth it.

Autumn Term


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We have just started our new topic of football where we are applying the skills we learnt in our Real PE unit. We have some very talented footballers in the class who taught us some of their skills. The focus of the lesson was dribbling.

2021 - 2022

Spring Term


Spring 2

We started this topic exploring different music genres- we listened to rock, classical, jazz and reggae. We then explored these music genres by bouncing a ball in time to the beat of the music. We discussed what was different between each genres- the children had to slow down or speed up the amount of times the ball hit the ground. We then explored different dances- we looked at Irish dancing and the Haka. As our topic for this term was Stone Age, we needed to pick a dance that would be represent how a Stone Age person may have danced. The children then split off into groups to create their own Haka inspired dances.