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Roman Day 

We had the wonderful 'History Into School' company join us for an immersive experience. We had 

a 1st century Legionnaire join us to tell us the story of the Roman invasion of Britannia. We also  explored how the Romans lived – bathing, toilets, law and order, slaves etc. We covered life in the Roman army with a hands-on look at the armour, weapons and kit used. We can explore how and why the Roman army was so successful, and how discipline was maintained.

Our activities included:-

•             Exploring real Roman artefacts including coins, brooches, glassware and pottery shards

•             Playing simple Roman board games.

•             Exploring what the Romans brought to Britain.

•             Discovering Roman army training tactics and battle charge.

•             Creating shield wall patterns to protect ourselves.

•             Practicing Pila (Roman javelin) throwing.

We ended our day with a lively Gladiator contest (using foam swords) with children taking various roles including the Emperor, Pretorian Guard, Gladiators, cleaners and the crowd.

2022 - 2023

A day on the West Somerset Railway

Class 3 went to Minehead on the West Somerset Railway.  Some of the children dressed as evacuees and we discussed what this would have been like for children during World War Two.  We took our new Cheddon teddy with us.  We enjoyed our chips, ice cream and playing on the beach.

Anderson Shelters

Class 3 are designing  and making Anderson shelters.  They have begun to cut and join pieces together as well as plan where they want different things in their garden.  I can wit to see the finished pieces.


Somerset in Wartime

Class 3 started their World War two evacuee topic this term with a visit from the Somerset Heritage Trust.  They learnt about rationing, what happened as an evacuee and experience life as the Home Guard, putting out a bomb with a stirrup pump.  Luckily it was not real!  The children also had the opportunity to experience the phonetic alphabet from wartime and use it as a code for their names.  We listened to the air raid siren and practiced hiding under the tables.  The class were most disappointed that the rations did not include chocolate.  We will be learning about life as an evacuee throughout this term; if you have any stories from your own families we would love to hear them.  

Victorian school workshop

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Rural life Museum

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Trip to the Rural life museum- We learnt all about Victorian houses and homes. We had a go at making drop scones and began to make a Victorian rug using a traditional technique.

2021 - 2022

Our day at Somerset Museum learning about the Romans. 

22nd September 2021

At the Somerset Museum Class 3 explored primary sources and artefacts to help them learn about how the Romans came to Britain.  They all had the opportunity to dress like a Roman soldier and discussed why the shield was slightly curved, as well as having a chance to explore the whole museum afterwards.

Stone Age Tools


On Thursday 10th March, we made the most of the dry weather and combined our history topic based around the Stone Age with some forest school activities.  We went out onto the school field to find suitable sticks and stones to create a Stone Age axe or spear.  We discussed why we needed to use elastic bands and that in prehistoric times they would have used grass, vines or string made from animal skin.