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2023 - 2024

Year Two have been exploring height and length. Today they put their knowledge into practice and accurately measured PE equipment. Children also compared the height or length of their objects. 

This morning, we had Ali and Debbie from HSBC in to complete a workshop with us. We learnt how to be savvy shoppers, thinking about how sometimes offers are not as good as they appear. We showcased our maths skills by quickly finding the differences between buy one get one free offers and those with money off. All children were set a challenge to see whether they could create a healthy meal whilst on a budget. What a great experience!

Year Two's have been working had to prove their responses to mathmatical equations. They have used base 10 to solve addition and subtraction problems. They have explored the column method using concrete, pictorial and abstract methods. Some have started exchanging!

Wonderful learning from Eli - practicing his 1:1 correspondance, counting, sequencing and sorting. 

We have been working hard to solve subtraction calculations. Today we practically solved column subtraction problems that included exchanging.

We investigated the properties of 3D shapes.  We worked in pairs to count the faces, edges and vertices of each shape.

We explored 2D shapes.  We all had 15 lolly sticks and investigated how many different shapes we could make with the sticks.  We explored the names of shapes and how they related to the number of sides.  

Class 3 were not spending their day lying down on the job, we were learning about horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines.

2022 - 2023

Summer Term 

Class 3 have been exploring 3D shapes.  We have discussed the vocabulary linked to faces, edges and vertices.  The children have made different 3D shapes using spaghetti and marshmallows.  The squared based pyramid was the favourite shape to make.

Year 2 have been exploring shape patterns and turns.  They went outside with 2D shapes and created their own patterns.

Spring Term

Sorting 2D shapes 


Year 2 in class 3 have been looking at different ways to sort 2D shapes.  First of all we discussed colour, then shape names and extended onto shape properties; looking at sides and vertices.  The children sorted the shapes into two distinct groups first and then extended onto sorting 2D shapes into a venn diagram, looking at when a shape fits both criteria, or when it doesn't fit any criteria.

Autumn Term

Christmas 2d shape pictures

Using mental addition strategies 


Year 2 and 3 worked in pairs to consolidate the mental addition strategies they have been learning this week.  Year two were calculating their number bonds to 10, 20 and 100 using a dice.  Year 3 were adding 1s to a 3 digit number crossing the ten, by finding the number bond to 10 and partitioning the ones digit they were adding.  It has taken them a few days to understand how doing this is a more efficient and accurate method than just counting on.

2021 - 2022



We have been learning about Statistics in Maths. We have learnt how to interpret and draw pictograms, bar charts and tally charts. On the 23rd March, we drew our own bar charts on large grid paper. To get our results for our bar chart, we rolled the dice 30 times. We created a tally chart for the number of times each number on the dice was rolled. We then used the tally chart to create our own bar charts. We use rulers to make sure our y and x axis were straight and picked suitable scales to use such as going up in 1 or 2 for each square. 

Properties of 3D shapes


On Tuesday 19th July, class 3 used art straws and masking tape to create 3D shapes.  They discussed the names and properties of the different shapes.