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Physical Development

In our PE lesson this week, Class 1 were working on following instructions. We had to show a dynamic balance forwards and backwards on a straight line! It was much trickier than we thought it would be! We checked our learning at the end of the lesson. 

15.11.23 Some of us enjoyed a more practical phonics lesson today. We went to the hall and threw bean bags into the hoops with the correct sound in. We then spread out the phonics cards and jumped off the benches when we heard the correct sound.

13.01.23 This afternoon we carried lots of loose parts out to the big playground to make an obstacle course. We had to balance the benches and wood carefully so they didn’t fall down then we turned it into a race track for our cars. We even had a remote control monster truck that we enjoyed running after and making it do jumps off the benches.

Athletics 05.07.22

The children enjoyed using all the skills they have learnt this term and were practicing for their upcoming sports day. Here are some pictures of their PE lesson.

Throwing and Catching 08.04.22

This term, the children have been practicing their ball skills, today they were practicing throwing and catching. Here are some pictures of their PE lesson.

Gymnastics 10.12.21

The children explored our school's climbing equipment in their PE lesson. They used their balancing skills, coordination skills and their strength. They listened carefully to instructions on how to use the equipment safely and had great fun!