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Where we all belong, believe in ourselves and others, and build for our future.

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Here at Cheddon our distinctive Christian vision is for every pupil and adult to feel that this is a community where they belong, are encouraged to nurture their belief in God, themselves and others, and where everyone is able to build positively for their future. Rooted in Jesus’ teaching to ‘Love God, others and ourselves’, our vision is outworked in everything we do through our values of respect, trust and perseverance.

In short, we want our pupils and staff to flourish during their time here! As such we are delighted to hear such positive feedback from our parents of the difference our school is making in their children’s lives.

Parent Feedback

Parent View (April 2023)

'I feel truly blessed that all my children attend Cheddon Fitzpaine Church. The school community is so caring and kind and my children have flourished in their care. The teaching and support team care passionately about the progression of the children academically and pastorally. I simply would not send my children anywhere else.'


'Cheddon is a fabulous school, my children are very happy here and I will be very sad to see my daughter leave for secondary school in September. The school has a village vibe but ensures the children have a varied curriculum.'


'We couldn’t be happier with how our child’s first year is going. The staff are all brilliant and our child loves going to school. We are so impressed with how well the school is run, the culture, the opportunities and the love and support that radiates!'


'Cheddon is a fabulous school, my children are very happy here and I will be very sad to see my daughter leave for secondary school in September. The school has a village vibe but ensures the children have a varied curriculum.'


'I could not be happier with this school for my child. He really enjoys it and has really settled in well. The school really cares about its students and their development and it shows. There are plenty of extra curricular activities available which my child loves. I can’t fault it!'


'The passion and enthusiasm of the teachers in the face of so many challenges is an inspiration and has allowed our children to thrive at Cheddon School. The headteacher greets each child every morning and the class teachers have a great rapport with our boys and understanding of their additional needs.'


'I love the interaction between staff and children, the caring ethos of the school, the older pupils caring, playing and encouraging the younger children.'


'The school has a lovely ethos, it’s a caring and nurturing environment where our son has flourished. Staff have taken time to get to know him & his personality, how he learns best & what his strengths and areas to develop are. Staff are knowledgeable, dedicated & always approachable which creates a good home school relationship & gives confidence that any issues which arise will be listened to & acted upon. Communication from the school is regular & clear and we feel well informed as a result. Teachers expect high standards in both behaviour & work, they encourage & challenge our son in his learning & he is experiencing a varied & interesting curriculum which keeps him motivated and keen to learn. Everyone is very respectful of each other & we love how much the classes interact with each other, our son seems to know the majority of people in the school! The vision & values are well embedded & help him to understand what behaviours are expected of him in a really clear way. Overall our son is so happy at Cheddon. He has developed a real desire to learn, a strong foundation in key areas & has a range of opportunities to learn about new subjects in interesting & engaging ways. The pastoral element of the school is great too, it feels like he is part of a family where he’s nurtured, looked after & supported. We genuinely feel as though the school cares about him as a whole person and not just his educational ability, this gives us confidence that he will leave Cheddon with a strong academic foundation but also as a well rounded individual with good social and emotional skills giving him a great foundation for the future.'

Remote Learning Feedback (January 2021)



' I think the remote delivery has been amazing. The children seem to be engaged and I can’t praise the teachers enough - they are patient and make time to answer questions. It’s easy to find the work and print it off in advance. Absolutely no complaints here!!!'

(Parent of children in Class 4 & 5)


'I really can’t thank Cheddon enough for what you have done for my son, you have all gone above and beyond not just to support him, but to support the school the staff and all the children of home remote learning. It was super short notice from the government and you guys turned it around and came out on top as always. Thank you for all the support of home learning and live classes, it has made learning slightly less stressful, having the teacher at home with us! But truly a deep hearted thank you, you are all true super heroes.'

(Parent of a child in Class 2)


'I think you've all done an absolutely amazing job under very difficult circumstances! My daughter's teachers have been superb with the online teaching and any little query I've had they have come back to me straight away. My daughter is loving the online lessons and is so motivated with her learning (much more so than when she had me as a teacher during the last lockdown!!) and for that I cannot thank you all enough :)'

(Parent of a child in Class 3)


'I have been very impressed with the live lessons and I needed printouts for the week and it was done on the same day....and Mrs Goodchild privately called my daughter for assistance with her Maths....well done Team Ched!'

(Parent of a child in Year 5)


'I was really impressed at how quickly the remote learning provision was set up. The lessons have been brilliant, covering so many parts of the curriculum. Also allowing the children some of the social benefits of seeing each other (& the teaching staff) & taking turns. I think they're having the next best thing to actually being in the classroom. The positive comments on the work uploaded also help encourage the children to continue working hard. The staff have done an incredible job!'

(Parent of a child in Class 2)


'I feel very lucky indeed that my child is at this school! The online learning has been fantastic; it’s been great to watch the teachers in action too. I can’t believe how much work my son has actually covered being at home. He has really enjoyed it too. Friends of mine with children at other schools have commented on how well Cheddon have organised this and wish that their children had the same thing. Thank you so much for all of this.'

(Parent of a child in Class 4)


'We are very happy with what has been provided and our son has been so much more relaxed about the home learning this time. The live lessons have made a huge difference and Mr Godfrey has been fantastic juggling both children in the class and online. He’s kept the children motivated and made the learning fun too. It’s been brilliant. Also having the weekly ELSA sessions via phone with Mrs Winter has really kept him on track and meant we have managed to avoid any anxious moments. Thank you to everyone!'

(Parents of a child in Class 5)