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18.10.23 - Orienteering

Children put their directional language to test today. They created challenging obstacle courses for each other to navigate. They had to use compass directions to explain where their partners needed to go to complete the course. What great trust and teamwork shown. 

Class 3 have been exploring compass directions. They have used a 4 point or an 8 point compass to describe the positioning of locations within our local area. Children used a variety of local maps to support their learning. 


Recognising and using OS map symbols


Class 3 have been exploring OS map symbols.  We have played bingo and added the symbols to a map.  After that we worked in small groups to design our own islands using the OS symbols.  It was so successful we challenged ourselves to design our own symbols for a dangerous island.  We've thought about volcanoes, jungles, buried treasure and pirate graveyards!

Naming capital cities of the United Kingdom


Class 3 worked together in groups of 3 to investigate the capital cities in the United Kingdom.  They each had a job role and had to use oracy skills linked to our Voice 21 project.  The person with the whiteboard and pen was the writer, the person with the atlas was the navigator and the person with the chromebook was the researcher.  They worked together to name the capital cities and then explore the human and physical features of London.

2021 - 2022

Comparing Mexico and England


On Monday 4th April, we used the Chromebooks to compare different human and physical features of a country in South America- Mexico and England. We discovered that the capital of Mexico is Mexico City and that 22 million people live there. In comparison, the capital city of England is London and 9.3 million people live there.