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8.11.23 - Incarnation

Today children started their 'Incarnation' unit. We started by exploring the effects of water on the playground. Children listening to, watched and felt water being dropped on to the playground. We discussed descriptive vocabulary used to describe water and it's effects. Here are some snippets of our class discussion:


Why do we use water for baptism?

“Because it helps us to feel clean ready for God, cleansing us from on sins (bad choices)” Jacob and Noah

“Because it makes you fresh and new so you’re starting your new life with God.” Ollie

“Because it’s refreshing.” Elsie

“So your calm and can concentrate on breathing” Carson

“To show that God loves us by making us feel calm and refreshed.” Tilly

“It makes you feel full of love and acts as a reminder that some people can’t drink clean water. Making us grateful for what we have.” Isla

2022 - 2023

Summer Term


Class 3 are exploring Judaism as part of their RE journey this year.  We met David who helped us learn about the Synagogue and the Torah.  We discussed how men and boys would sit at the bottom of the Synagogue and the women would sit at the top.  We looked at the kippah and tallith which would be worn by the men.

Spring Term

Class 3 have been learning about Pentecost and the symbols of Pentecost.  We have discussed God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.  The children created Pentecost art and Pentecost doves of fire.

Easter experience day- Resurrection

Still image for this video
In class 3 we re told the story of Jesus' ressurection using shadow puppets and torches to link to our light topic in science.

Salvation - The story of Palm Sunday


As part of Class 3's topic on Salvation, we focused on retelling the story of Palm Sunday.  We drew own own story maps and visual aids to help up remember the story and then we worked together in small groups to retell the story orally.  We used techniques from the Voice 21 project including active listening, putting our thumbs in to share ideas and having one person to lead the discussions.  The groups then retold their stories to the rest of the class.

Daniel and the Lion's Den

Class 3 started off this term discussing our school value of Trust and linking it to Daniel and the Lion's Den.  We sequenced the story, retold the story and then the Year 2 children wrote the story and Year 3 created newspaper reports on the story.  After that, we created Lion masks.

Autumn Term

Christmas experience day 2022

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Nativity Stained glass windows

2021 - 2022

Christmas experience day 13.12.21



Making mince pies

Reindeer tree decorations

Making creations from God's creations 28.09.22

In class 3 we have been learning about Creation and Fall.  We discussed how we were all unique creations.  Then we wondered about the leaves and why God created them differently.  Then we designed our own unique creations from natural materials.