Jan 09 2019

Word problems using the four operations

As part of our learning on the four operations, we have spent some time in maths looking at using our learnt skills to solve word problems that could include any of these operations as part of a multi-step word problem.

We looked at using a tool-kit to help us to work out which operations to use and in what order.  We then used our knowledge of the taught addition, subtraction, multiplication and division methods to solve each of the problems.

We realised that we would need to read the problems carefully to pick out the maths that we would need to use to reach the correct solution and in some cases we had to use 3 different mathematical operations to do this.  Our work looked at questions that involved a whole range of different measures, from weight, to money, so covered a whole range of topics.

This made us really think, but with careful reading, thinking and working, we showed how successful we could be!

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