Apr 13 2018

Why here?

Today we have looked at the issues surrounding landfill sites and how they affect the environment around them.

We had a fictitious scenario presented to us, where we were asked to imagine that there was to be a new landfill site created in the land surrounding Hestercombe House.  We worked in groups to consider the points of view of different groups that would be affected by the installation of a landfill site in our community, such as: residents, businesses, our school, environmentalists and the actual owners of the landfill business.

Each group presented their thoughts and findings to the rest of the class by writing a 150 word manifesto outlining their point of view.  We then had the opportunity to question representatives from each group to further our understanding of their reasons behind the manifesto that they wrote, before we cast our vote. to decided, as a class, if the landfill site should be able to be created.


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