Jun 28 2019

Romans v Celts…who won?

During our topic session today, we used Holst’s Planet Suite to help us to consider the feelings and emotions that were evoked in us through tempo, dynamics and instrument choice.

We listened to Venus (the bringer of Peace) and thought about how this created an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity whereas Mars (the bringer of War) evoked more sinister feelings of suspense and drama. We thought of words to match the music and found that we naturally reacted very differently to the two pieces of music.

We used the music to recreate a Roman/Celt battle, imagining that we were either Roman Soldiers or Barbarians, carrying all of their weaponry and preparing to fight. We were able to simulate the battle, using the music to imagine the emotions we would be feeling if we were actually there.

It was a great lesson!

Ready to fire

Just a little scary

A fierce warrior


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