Oct 05 2018

Monet in Class 5

As part of our topic work, we have been looking at Monet, one of the great French artists.

We studied a variety of his works and then each chose one that we wanted to reproduce. To make it easier, we divided our A4 sheet and our Monet picture into smaller sections, so that we could focus on one section at a time. This helped us to get the proportions of the picture right, making sure that the positioning of the features were all in the right place.

Once we had drawn our picture, we then used watercolour pencils to colour in one copy, and pastels to colour in another. Both art mediums produced very different results, both of which were lovely.

Mrs T and Mrs D were very impressed with the budding artists in the class…who knows, maybe there is a modern-day Monet in our class!


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