Meeting the new Archdeacon

We were about to meet the new Archdeacon of Taunton today.

Reverend Mary and the Archdeacon came to hold an assembly for the whole school.

Anti Bullying Week

This week is anti-bullying week with the theme ‘Power for Good’ aimed at supporting children to use their Power for Good – by understanding the ways in  which they are powerful  and encouraging individual and collective action to stop bullying and create the best world possible.

In Class 1 we had 2 apples. We talked about the apples and the children described how both apples looked the same (the children didn’t know that before the class I had repeatedly dropped one of the apples on the floor).

I picked up the apple I’d dropped on the floor and started to tell the children how I disliked this apple, that I thought it was disgusting, it was a horrible etc. I told them that because I didn’t like it, I didn’t want them to like it either, so they should call it names too. We then passed another apple around and started to say kind words to it.

I then held up both apples, and again, we talked about the similarities and differences, there was no change, both apples still looked the same.

I then cut the apples open. The apple we’d been kind to was clear, fresh and juicy inside. The apple we’d said unkind words to was bruised and all mushy inside. We saw inside that apple, the bruises, the mush and the broken bits is what is happening inside every one of us when someone mistreats us with their words or actions. When people are bullied, especially children, they feel horrible inside and sometimes don’t show or tell others how they are feeling. If we hadn’t have cut that apple open, we would never have known how much pain we had caused it.

As we have been following a superhero theme in Class 1, we talked about how we all have the superpower to stop this – the ‘power for good’. We talked about standing up for each other and to stop any form of bullying, such as refusing to say unkind words to others and being kind. We have superhero capes in Class 1, so we decided different children will wear these every day and it will be their job to make sure we are all being kind with our words.

Class 5’s Remembrance assembly

Class 5 presented a lovely assembly to the whole school all about Remembrance day and why we celebrate it and what we remember.

Class 2 poppy painting

On Remembrance day we had a poppy in our mystery day box. We decided to create modern art pictures of poppies. We listened to music and tried to be mindful and concentrate our minds.

How we promote British Values in the Early Years

How we promote British Values in the EYFS

Mystery Day- Black History Month

Yesterday was Mystery Day. We had a picture of Mary Seacole in our box. We decided to create an information book about her life, we made a boat like the boat she travelled on, we made pictures of Jamaica, we made her a house as she didn’t have one when she left the war and we counted money for her as she didn’t have any when she got home.

We decided that Mary would make a brilliant friend as she was so kind, helpful, and caring and some children wanted to give her a golden star!

Mystery Day- Black History Month

Today was Mystery Day. We had a picture of Jesse Owens in our box. We decided to create a newspaper report about what it was like to be a Black Olympic athlete during 1936.

We discussed how people with different coloured skin were not viewed to be as good as white people at the time, how people were treated due to their skin colour and how we felt about this.

We looked at how people’s attitudes and minds have changed over time. We believe in equality and discussed it’s importance in the 21st century.  We planned and made a medal for Jesse Owens.