Oct 04 2018

Are we a million hours old?

During maths today, Mrs T set us the challenge to calculate if any of us were a million hours old!

We talked about what key information we would need to know to be able to calculate how many hours old we were.  We decided that we should know how many hours there are in a day, how many days there are in a year, how many days there are in a week etc.

In order to complete this challenge, we were able to select the person we worked with that we thought would best support us in this task and help us to find the solution to the problem.  We could also use any method of calculation that we wanted to, that we thought would provide us with the best way to find the answer, although using a calculator was not an option.

We really enjoyed working on this, although it was tricky working with increasingly larger calculations.  We decided that none of us were anywhere near a million hours old!

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