The school Local Governing Board (LGB) is made up of a representative selection of parents, staff, MAT appointed and ex-officio Governors.


Governors’ work in school

What do Governors do?

The governors act as a “critical friend” to the school, monitoring and overseeing the smooth running of the school and supporting and listening to staff and parents. The Local Governing Board is responsible for the overall management of the school and for determining its aims, objectives and policies in accordance with all the relevant legislation. The head manages the school from day to day and is the Local Governing Board’s principal professional adviser who assists it with the formulation and implementation of its aims, objectives, policies and plans.

School governors help schools provide the best possible education for their pupils:

  • thinking and working strategically to help raise standards;
  • monitoring and evaluating progress towards the school’s priorities and targets;
  • supporting the head and staff as well as challenging their expectations;
  • accounting to all stakeholders for the school’s overall performance and for the decisions they have made.

The LGB carry out a variety of tasks in school, the main one of which being to work with the staff to monitor school develop priorities.

As part of this process, members of the LGB talk to children and monitor their work in books to see if this reflects the actions on the school development plan.

Members of the LGB also attend staff meetings to keep appraised of school developments. In this instance, attending a staff meeting where children’s progress in books was shared, with ideas for good practice identified.