May 16 2019

What a fantastic lesson!

We were very lucky to have a new teacher for Class 5, to lead us in a lesson all about food allergies.

One of our pupils had bravely offered to teach his classmates all about food allergies and came prepared with lots of information and a really interesting activity for us to do.  We all had to choose an allergy to a food type, such as eggs, dairy, fish etc and then we had to decide what kind of meals we could eat.  There were pictures of fish and chips, Chinese takeaway and pizza to name a few.

Once we had decided, we could turn the picture of the meal over and see the ingredients in the meal, deciding from this whether we could have the food.  If we wanted to, we could move on and choose another meal or we could stay with our first choice.

Our teacher then let us know whether we were right or not!  We all learnt lots about food allergies and how difficult it can be sometimes to know exactly what is in the food we eat.

A very big thank you to our teacher for this session!

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