Cheddon Fitzpaine Church School Improvement Priorities 2016-17


To  increase the rates of progress for all groups of children, particularly the more able

  • All year groups have made a minimum of 3 points progress by the End of Year Final
  • Monitoring of planning shows that children are being taught Greater Depth objectives
  • Monitoring of SPTO shows that children are being assessed at Greater Depth by the end of the Autumn Term
  • Use is made of the Taunton Hub of schools to promote teaching of more able children

To update the school’s curriculum to promote a greater breadth of learning opportunities

  • All children receive a detailed programme of PSHE lessons
  • All children receive learning experiences that promote problem solving and resilience skills
  • All children receive a dedicated opportunity for outdoor learning to support learning styles/resilience



To  ensure that Leaders at all levels have an impact on school improvement

  • PP Champion works with all staff to ensure that PP children continue to close the gap to non-PP children
  • School monitoring systems (Triangulation/Small steps targets/PPMs) are carried out systematically
  • LGB hold the school to account through a regular series of meetings/planned visits
  • Staff appraisal is closely linked to developing leadership across the whole school